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What is the Transformational Leadership Programme?

We’ve been helping leaders understand how best to navigate the changing world of work for over a decade. 

Now we’ve teamed up with a team of world class training providers to create our Transformational Leadership Programme. With a blend of immersive live events, e-learning and intensive personal coaching, we upskill managers with the agile mindset they need to thrive.

“Future Talent provides proper food for thought and entertainment of the best kind. You get to learn, but in the most painless and beguiling way.” Alain de Botton, Philosopher and Writer



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What’s in it for employees?

A fast track to a leadership role 

The Emotional Intelligence To Thrive - only 25% of long-term career success depends on technical knowledge, the rest is all soft skills (Stanford University). So that's where we focus.

A Powerful Alumni Network- employees build a diverse network of creative collaborators from peers across multiple industries.

World Class Learning - employees learn from the kind of credible but totally unexpected learning providers simply not found on typical L&D programmes.

What’s in it for organisations?

A fast track to organisational growth

Retention. Retention. Retention - the number one reason employees leave is because they stop learning. Our programme inspires, engages - and crucially, retains them.

Long Term Growth - 80% of CEOs see employees’ lack of soft skills as a ‘top 3’ barrier to growth (PWC). We help close the skills gap.

Succession Planning - 86% of leaders believe succession planning is a priority, but only 14% believe they do it well (Deloitte). Our programme delivers a fresh wave of self aware, confident, commercially savvy change makers.

What does it cost? Potentially nothing

Our programme aligns to a government Apprenticeship Standard so can be 100% funded by the Apprenticeship Levy.  If you're not already using your Levy, our programme won't cost a penny.

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